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Managing your own business can be a daunting task, but at Quantum Energy we ensure that no business customer ever pays a “Standard Rate” tariff. Discounted Electric and Gas unit prices are often 30 to 35% less than Standard Rates. Standard Rates eat away at a businesses’ bottom line, and add to the multi-million-euro profits of Utility providers.
As an agency partnering with 5 commercial suppliers, we are impartial and put the customer first, offering deals with the most competitive electricity and natural gas suppliers.
We have also saved customers thousands of euro by simply renewing their deal with their current supplier. We take pride in returning to our business customers at the end of their contract to ensure you keep saving on your electric and gas bills.

We can save you up to 35% on your electricity and gas energy bills. We work with all the leading energy providers. Most quotes can be completed in minutes.
Small  to  Medium  business users €100-€5000 per month.

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FAQ ‘s

I don’t want to leave the ESB!

Regardless of supplier, every single home or business in the country has its Electricity supply overseen by ESB Networks, and every supply company is under the umbrella of the ESB, who are obligated to manage connections, to ALL electricity customers

What if I’m a start-up business?

Congratulations on taking a brave step! Many suppliers make start-ups pay a deposit due to the lack of a commercial credit record. We can help you avoid this expense.

Does your commission mean I pay extra?

There are no extra “hidden tariffs” in the rates we offer in comparison to other sales channels. Transparency and fairness are our core values in attracting and retaining business customers.

What if I run a business at home?

We offer unique packages for home-based businesses, combining the fixed rates of commercial premises, but with the lower standing charges of residential energy.

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