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Large business users €5000+ per month.

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Large industrial, hospitality and medical users require full, itemised information on how their current energy tariff performs in contrast to other market options, as well as “real time” consumption patterns and trends. Quantum Energy offers free, “wholesale tracker” options where the unit price will shift in accordance with market trends, which is ideal for the seasonally fluctuating needs of the hospitality industry. We can also switch customers to fixed tariffs in times of rising energy demand.

Consumption Monitoring

Large users like hotels and hospitals tend to have huge sites with multiple units, running energy intensive equipment that is essential to the service. Management can face difficulties in lack of energy visibility from one site to the next.
Quantum Energy’s solution is to offer “sub metering” for different cost centres in large sites, for example wings of a hotel or departments of a factory, providing live updates on an energy dashboard. Our smart and sub meters are free to install, which allows management of energy intensive sites to concentrate their capital expenditure on innovation and expansion of their services.
These updates are not mere data, but practical information expressed in both units and cents, assisting decision makers regarding energy usage. As political and public scrutiny increases on energy consumption, we offer the guarantee of electricity sourced from 100% renewable sources.

Reduction in Usage

The information provided from the smart and sub metering provides a steady stream of data that can inform management decision making and impact on the behavioural patterns of employees. For example, a factory that has multiple shifts using the same machinery and processes can use the smart metering to ascertain which shift is most efficient on energy usage, which cannot be gained from an ordinary monthly bill.

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